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Laser Therapy

New technologically advanced medical lasers made it possible to remove spider veins safely and effectively. At the Vein & Laser Center, a combination of the most technologically advanced laser systems are used to treat veins of the legs, face, or other parts of the body. Candela ScleroPlus laser, a long pulse dye laser with a variable wave length 585 - 600 nm is effective for superficial, red-colored, and thin spider veins less than 1.5 mm in diameter. Larger bluish veins are treated with the CoolTouch Nd-Yag & Candela GentleLASE LASERs.

Often treatment involves the use of more than one laser system and in combination with Sclerotherapy to acheive the best possible results. After treating thousands of patients with spider and varicose veins at our Center, we are confident that only the best method will be recommended to vanish your veins.

After Laser treatment

Medical Lasers are specially designed to produce an intense but gentle burst of laser light that is optimized to treat vascular lesions. The lasers selectively target and destroy the blood vessels while sparing the normal skin from any significant injury.

The type and size of veins to be treated will determine the number of treatments needed. Most vessels respond well after one or two treatments, however, multiple treatments are sometimes needed to achieve the best results. The treatments are performed at 6-8 weeks intervals and require no special care after treatment except to avoid direct sun bathing for a short time.

Most patients experience little discomfort at the treatment site due to the use of the Dynamic Cooling Device used only by Candela & CoolTouch Lasers. The feeling of laser pulse during treatment has been described as being snapped by a rubber band.

Laser is safe, so safe and effective that it is recommended for the treatment of infants as young as a few weeks old. Immediately after treatment, patients will experience temporary discoloration, reddening or bruising of the treatment site. This fades away gradually over a period of up to three weeks. In addition, the treated area may become lighter or darker in color, but the skin returns to normal pigmentation over time.
As Sclerotherapy, for unknown reasons, tends to leave small scars on the face, Lasers are the preferred method of treatment for broken vessels on the face.

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After Laser treatment