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Trans-Illuminated Powered Phlebectomy (TIPP), TriVex

Transilluminated powered Phlebectomy is a new minimally invasive procedure used to remove large varicose veins. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the veins using a small powered surgical device. Through tiny incisions, a small light source is inserted under the skin to visualize the veins to be removed. A special powered vein resector is introduced through another incision. An anesthetic solution is injected around the veins and the recetor is used to "suck" them out.

Advantages of this innovative technique are:

  Few tiny incisions are needed
Short operative time (shorter than micro phlebectomy)
Veins are removed under complete visualization, so no veins are missed
Short recovery time

Disadvantages are:

  In hospital procedure
Require general or spinal anesthesia
Possible excessive bruises & skin discoloration