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With the newest, state of the art lasers, our center can eliminate unwanted large bulging blue veins around the eyes and face without any downtime.
The benefits of Laser treatment are:

Instantly eliminate large blue veins.
Remove or reduce broken capillaries on face, neck and chest.
Minimal risk.
No downtime.

After ONE Nd-Yag Laser Treatment

Recent advances in laser technology made it possible to deliver precise dosages of energy to each vein with minimal risk to the skin and surrounding tissues. During these treatments, laser energy is delivered through a special handpiece to the targeted vein. The energy is absorbed by the blood vessel causing thermocoagulation. The blood vessel is slowly absorbed by the body.

The procdure is performed at the office with no anesthesia required. There is minimal discomfort at the time of treatment. There is only mild redness and swelling that last few hours. After treatment, you should avoid harsh skin cleansers and use sunscreen.

Most veins disappear after only one treatment although a second treatment might be required for optimal results. Treatments are spaced at four to six weeks intervals.

Pre laser
Post laser treatment


To find out more about our blue facial vein treatments or other cosmetic procedures, please call our office to arrange for a private consultation at 201-795-9007.