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Why should I treat leg veins?

The majority of patients seeking treatment for removal of small leg veins (Spider veins, Telangiectasias) are for cosmetic reasons. Most are uncomfortable with the appearance of these veins during the warmer months when shorts and skirts are worn.

Varicose veins regardless of their size and extent may cause significant and occasionally disabling symptoms. Even small telangiectasias (spider veins) are often symptomatic.

Large varicose veins, greater than 3-4 mm in diameter, need to be treated to avoid progression to more severe form and to avert complications. Swelling of the legs, spontaneous thrombosis (clotting), skin discoloration and dermatitis, all may occur. Additionally, skin ulceration may develop in the ankle region of patients with long standing varicose veins with underlying venous insufficiency. Rarely, ulcer and veins may bleed.

Untreated Veins

Treating your veins will alleviate your symptoms and discomforts, prevent future complications and improve the appearance of your legs. After treatment, many patients are surprised to realize how much chronic discomfort they had accepted as "normal".

Significant advances have been made over the last decade in treating varicose and spider veins. New minimally invasive techniques, safer more effective scleotherapy medications, lasers, and color ultrasound have been introduced. Many vascular surgeons spent extra time in training and became specialized & proficient in this field. These specialized physicians are called "Phlebologists". Vein treatment centers have been established all over the United States to provide comprehensive vein management solutions (One Stop Shop). Almost all forms of therapy are provided in the comfort of an office away from the hospital, avoiding general anesthesia, disability, discomfort, and ugly scars connected with old methods of treatment. Getting your treatment at a specialized vein center is of at most importance.

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