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Can Varicose & Spider veins be prevented?

There is no known method of prevention but certain measures might alleviate your venous problem, prevent progression and complication. Diseased veins cause fluid & blood congestion in the legs, and congestion leads to further deterioration of your vein problem. Congestion of the legs can be avoided by:

Wearing support hosiery - stockings. Regularly, every morning, shortly after getting out of bed put on medical support stockings as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take them off till you ready to go to sleep. They also may reduce the risk of forming a deep vein blood clot. Consider wearing them during long plane or car rides.
Never stand still: standing for long period is bad. If standing cannot be avoided, activate your leg muscles. Move your feet up & down with a pumping movement or walk around.

When sitting, move ankles up & down. Do not sleep in chair with feet down while watching TV.
Elevate your feet about 6 inches above your heart level:
  During the day: elevate them on a stool, windowsill, on a desk….
At night: raise the foot of the bed or put cushions under the mattress.
Avoid excessive heat on your legs: do not sit close to fire. No hot tubs and baths, no sunbathing. Heat will tend to increase vein distention and lead to more pooling of blood
Regular exercise may also be helpful. Walking, climbing stairs, gymnastics, cycling, swimming, and all sports in which the legs are kept moving. Leg exercise activates the calf muscle pump. This reduces pooling and pressure in the veins.
Maintain a normal weight, eat healthy high fiber diet.
Control your salt intake to prevent inadvertent water retention and swelling.
Avoid crossing your legs while sitting
Protection from the sun is important to reduce the number of unwanted vessels on the face.
Early and periodic treatment can help prevent the spread of veins and decrease the severity of the problem and avoid severe disabling unwanted complications.
In case a vein ruptures and starts to bleed it is advisable to immediately elevate your leg and compress the area. Contact your physician or seek emergency medical care immediately.