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Things to remember about varicose veins

There are two systems of veins in the legs: the important deep veins and the superficial veins under the skin. It is the superficial veins that become varicose.
Normally, valves in the veins make blood flow up the leg, and the action of the muscles helps to pump it upwards.
When veins become varicose the valves often stop working properly: blood can flow the wrong way and cause a head of pressure that makes the veins bulge on standing. This head of pressure can lead to symptoms such as aching, and occasionally to skin damage.
Varicose veins are associated with increasing age, having children and Western society.
We are still not sure why most varicose veins form: it may be because their valves become incompetent 'from above downwards', or because their walls become weakened.
Varicose veins can cause heaviness and aching, but there are many other causes of aches and pains in the legs. The same applies to ankle swelling.
Raised pressure in the veins as a result of incompetent valves can cause skin damage, with eczema, pigmentation (darkening) and scarring of the fat under the skin; ulcers can then develop.
Despite a lot of research, we cannot predict who will get skin changes and ulcers, and we are not certain how the skin damage develops.
Early treatment of varicose veins will prevent future complications.
The majority of varicose veins are treatable in the office with excellent cosmetic and functional results.
Smaller veins & telangiectasias (spider veins) are best treated with Sclerotherapy and Laser.
Large varicose veins are treated with Endo Laser Ablation and/or Micro Phlebectomy under local anesthesia as an office procedure.
Support compression stockings are an essential part of treatment and prevention.
Facial veins respond very well to Laser therapy.
Best cosmetic and therapeutic results of vein treatment are achieved when performed by a vein specialist (Vascular Surgeon / Phlebologist) at a VEIN CENTER.

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