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Why treatment in a vein center?

Since every case of varicose veins and spider veins is different, and the success of treatment depends on pin pointing the source of the problem, the treating physician must have access to cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology and the ability and expertise of combining therapies to meet the specific needs of each patient:
Advanced diagnostic techniques such as Color Duplex Ultrasound, Digital Photoplythesmography, and Doppler are essential prior to embarking on the treatment of veins (only in a vein center).
A fully comprehensive approach to vein problems with multiple options - Micro Sclerotherapy, Transilluminated Sclerotherapy, Foam Sclerotherapy, Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy, Laser (multiple) therapy, Minimally Invasive Micro Phlebectomy, and Endo Venous Laser Ablation (only in a vein center).
Exciting new advances are evolving fast at this time. Keeping up to date and adopting new techniques and investing in new technology is of paramount importance.
Therapy performed by non-surgeons, not in a Vein Center, is usually limited to injections or surface laser therapy which often incomplete and may not yield good results.

Before getting your next vein treatment, find out if you are getting the best treatment possible at the right place. Do not settle for less. The Vein & Laser Center provides the most advanced and minimally invasive combination vein therapy.
The Vein & Laser Center of Jersey City is truly the only comprehensive vein management institute in the area. We are devoted to the most effective, affordable and minimally invasive treatments. Equipment used for the diagnosis and treatment of venous problems is state-of-the-art and on the cutting edge of proven technology. Our staff share a common goal of providing a warm and professional atmosphere where patients' concerns and safety come first.

The Vein & Laser Center has more than 25 years of experience and has developed a wide unparalleled expertise in the latest techniques.
The scope of our vein practice includes:
Varicose veins
Spider veins
Facial veins
Undesirable hand veins
Breast Veins
Veins anywhere in the body
Venous ulcers and their underlying causes