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There has been a great advancement in medical lasers over the years. New, state-of-the-art lasers have revolutionized our approach for a wide variety of cosmetic and skin disorders. These non-invasive treatments are increasingly popular because they are effective and extremely safe with very few side effects, and you can resume your regular activities immediately following treatment!

A variety of lasers may be used to treat pigmentation, freckles, brown spots (age or liver spots), birthmarks, and to remove hair and tattoos. Lasers are often the treatment of choice to remove 'broken blood vessels' on the face, spider veins from the leg veins, and port wine stain birthmarks as well as thick scars and stretch marks. All of these lesions can be treated with lasers in our facility.

How does the laser work?
Laser is a high powered medical device that generates an intense beam of specific wavelength of light. This beam delivers heat energy to a specific target, the blood vessels that make up the vascular lesion, or melanin/pigment (black or brown pigment found in the pigmented lesions or the root of the hair) causing destruction of unwanted cells while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

Is laser treatment safe?

Laser is very safe, so safe and effective that it is recommended for the treatment of infants as young as a few weeks old. Immediately after treatment, patients will experience temporary discoloration, reddening or bruising of the treatment site. This fades away gradually over a short period depending on the laser used and condition treated.

There are rarely any permanent problems with laser therapy. Occasionally some lightening of the skin occurs. Normal skin color returns within three months after treatment of vascular lesions. Although rare, a slight depression may develop, which usually resolves in a few months. Scarring occurs in less than one-tenth of one percent of all cases. Because lasers produce an intense bright beam of light, everyone in the treatment room wears protective eyewear.

Who are candidates for treatment?
Men, women, and children may be treated. Light and dark-skinned individuals can now safely and effectively benefit from Laser Therapy. Patients on blood thinners or with serious illness generally are not good candidates for treatment.

Patients with dark suntans or photosensitivity disorders, diabetes, bleeding disorders, or currently taking photosensitizing medications are not good candidates. Schedule a consultation today to determine if you are a candidate and how you can benefit from Laser Therapy.

Is the treatment painful and what to expect after?
Most patients experience little discomfort at the treatment site. The feeling of laser pulse during treatment has been described as being snapped by a rubber band. For some conditions or sensitive patients a topical anesthetic cream may be used before laser treatment.

Post op care is minimal. Some swelling and redness may be experienced for few hours and may last 1 -2 days. Strenuous exercise and contact sports should be avoided, and alcohol intake limited. Avoiding the sun, using sunscreen, and wearing cover-up clothing are critical, both prior to and after treatment. Following the procedure, you will receive specific written instructions on the care of the treated area. Final treatment results should be evident within 10-14 days after treatment for vascular lesions and within 2-3 weeks after treatment for pigmented lesions. In the meantime, normal daily activities can be resumed.

How many treatments will I need?
Number of treatments depends on the condition treated. Certain lesions respond to one treatment, other may need multiple treatments. At your first consultation you will be given an estimate of the sessions needed and how often.

What conditions are treated with the laser?
All of the following conditions can be treated with lasers and other methods in our facility:
Vascular Lesions:
Spider veins of the legs, Facial spider veins “Broken blood vessels” on the face caused by a dilation of capillary vessels or arterioles, Cherry Angiomas - slightly raised, red lesions, Spider Angiomas - slightly raised, red spider-like lesions, Rosacea - red facial lesions around the nose and cheeks causing a sunburn look , Port Wine Stains “Birthmarks”, Poikeloderma, Venous lakes, Hemangiomas, Warts, Scars, Stretch Marks.
Pigmented lesions:
Lentigines - flat, brown spots on the skin, Keratoses - slightly elevated pigmented spots often found on the back and hands, Freckles - brownish spots on the skin; Nevi of Ota and Ito, Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra (DPN)- small, black marks seen primarily on people of Asian or African descent, Café-au-lait macules – light tan / brownish discoloration, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentatiom (PIH), Melasma, Moles, Seborrheic Keratoses, Actinic Keratosis.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Tattoos Removal
Acne & Acne Scars
Wrinkles Reduction
Skin Rejuvenation